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The Internet Strategy Forum is an association of over 1,500 corporate Internet executives.

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The Internet Strategy Forum (ISF) is a professional association and peer networking group for management with responsibility for driving Internet strategy and implementation from within client-side organizations across multiple industries. The ISF currently has over 1,500 corporate Internet executive members globally.

We pride ourselves on connecting members to build strong relationships and facilitating great discussions about the endless topics that an Internet Strategist needs to stay on top of including revenue models, audience development, content strategies, technology, online marketing, social media, organizational structures, mobile, which vendors to use and which to stay away from. The ISF is about bringing together colleagues to share their vision of the future as well as their practical experiences on what works and what doesn't. Find out more

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Internet Strategy Forum News and Recent Events

Recent Event:       What's Your App Strategy ?

Apps are increasingly becoming a larger part of the digital media mix. This session will explore questions on how to implement, monetize, measure, and help glean some insight into the question: “What is the impact of your App Strategy on your brand”. (ISF San Franciso Chapter)

Recent Event:       Facebook: Friend or Foe ?

Deeper integration with Facebook presents dramatic opportunities to site owners to further engage their customers and expand their reach. Simultaneously, though, Facebook has many on-going problems with privacy and faces operational support challenges. Strategically, how much do you want to hitch yourself to the Facebook bandwagon? (ISF New York Chapter)

Announcing the ISF Research Council
The ISF is establishing the ISF Research Council to serve as an active and industry leading think-tank for the research and investigation of the 21st Century digital landscape.

Our Goal: Drive Digital Forward through targeted research projects and analytical reports.
Through collaborative projects, we can benefit our membership by delivering targeted research that moves our careers and profession forward. This work will influence and move big ideas across industries. Research Areas are:
- The Conversational Web and Social ROI
- Digital Analytics Standards
- Organizational Efficiencies
- Emerging Media Analysis
- Policy & Governance

"The Titans of E": Internet Strategy Forum Summit - Portland
This two-day Internet Strategy Forum Summit conference was a tremendous success. The sold-out event featured 7 executive keynote presenters including:
Photos from the 2009 ISF Summit

Jeremiah Owyang
Sr. Analyst
Social Media
Katherine Durham
VP of Marketing
Johan Jervoe
VP of Creative & Digital Marketing
Sheila Tolle
VP of Marketing
Small Business
Duane Schulz
VP of Interactive Marketing
Jeremiah Owyang Katherine Durham Johan Jervoe Sheila Tolle Duane Schulz

Making the Right Moves for Digital Growth in Turbulent Times - New York City
The ISF-NY Chapter hosted a standing-room only panel discussion with industry leaders.
Photos from the Sold Out Event

Patrick Adams
SVP, Marketing
Victoria's Secret
Kip Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Johnson
Vice President, Content & Biz Dev
Hearst Digital
Michael Levin
Director, Product Development
NBC Universal
Lee Huang
Digital Strategy
NBC Universal

2009 Corporate Internet Executive Research Studies

Responsibilities, Expertise and Challenges Demonstrate Emergence of a New Profession with a Unique Identity - January 2009
ISF conducts key industry research study.
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The 2009 Corporate Internet Executive Research Study is a 70 page report that leverages over 250 responses to a 37-question deep dive survey to examine the scope, structure, backgrounds, challenges, influence, salary levels and more of in-house Internet executives—employees who are responsible for driving strategy and/or implementation for their company's Web site(s), eMarketing and/or eBusiness. A free 4-page sample report is also available. Find out more