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The Internet Strategy Forum is an association of over 1,500 corporate Internet executives.

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Lee Huang
NYC Chapter Director
ISF Board Member

Planning Committee
Lee Huang - Barnes & Noble
Joe Galarneau - Newsweek
Michael Chauliac - Victoria's Secret
Fernando Olalla - MPA

The 12 Cs For Thriving
in a Digital Age (from ISF Blog)

Twelve actionable ideas to grow audience, monetize digital assets, and improve digital operations.

About the NYC Chapter

Sharing Knowledge and Building Relationships
The NYC chapter strives to create an environment where our members learn from each other and build relationships. At our meetings, in addition to guest speakers, we always have an Interactive Roundtable session where we "go around the table" and each attendee has an opportunity to describe projects that they're currently working on as well as pose questions on any topic (eg. social media, technology, monetization etc) to the group.

Recent New Members

The following Internet Strategists have recently joined the New York chapter.

VP Marketing, Barnes&Noble
VP Search, NBC Universal
VP Digital Syndication, Reuters
VP Interactive, Citigroup
VP Interactive, Polo Ralph Lauren
Director Communications, Pfizer
Director Technology, Hearst
Director eBusiness, Verizon


New York City Chapter - Upcoming Events

General Meeting and Roundtable Discussion
Date: TBD
Chelsea, NYC

This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Internet Strategy Forum, to meet other members and to discuss hot topics that are on your mind. Everyone always enjoys the Interactive Roundtable session where we "go around the table" and each attendee has an opportunity to describe projects that they're currently working on as well as pose questions on any topic (eg. social media, apps, content strategies, technology, monetization, prod dev etc) to the group.

This is a members-only event.
To apply to join the ISF, visit our Membership page.

If you would like to attend, contact Lee Huang at

Recent NYC Events

Facebook: Friend or Foe ?
June 3, 2010

With Facebook's major announcements at their recent conference, F8, they are dramatically increasing their impact on the entire digital ecosystem. Deeper integration with Facebook presents dramatic opportunities to site owners to further engage their customers and expand their reach. Simultaneously, though, Facebook has many on-going problems with privacy and faces operational support challenges. These issues can negatively impact sites that are integrating with them by affecting site performance, opening doors to legal issues and potentially comprising long-term strategies. (10 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account). Strategically, how much do you want to hitch yourself to the Facebook bandwagon? Will they continue to dominate or will they flame out like many other companies before it. We'll discuss this at our meeting with Internet Strategists from leading companies to get a full 360 degree view on the issue.


A key part of every ISF meeting that everyone loves is the Roundtable. For the roundtable, we "go around the table" and each attendee introduces themself, has an opportunity to describe projects that they're working on, as well as pose questions on any topic (eg. social media, technology, monetization, prod dev etc) to the group.

Meeting Sponsors

An Insiders View on Launching an International Online Sports Business in 35 Days
January 26, 2010
Lee Huang, Director of Digital Product Strategy at NBC Universal, discussed how his team established and launched an online international sports business in 35 days. He discussed their business objectives, video development & live webcasts, editorial strategy, user experience, ad sales, business development, content syndication, social media, and technology.

ISF NY Chapter Holiday Dinner
December 9, 2009
We had a wonderful 2009 holiday dinner with many regulars as well as several new ISFers. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. It was great to kick back, share some war stories, some laughs and some great food. The Holiday Spirit was in full swing.

Behind the Scenes of an Amazing Fan-Driven Global Campaign
November 18, 2009
I described our guest speaker as a "non-digital person that every digital person should listen to." A packed room heard from Wendy F. who led a very unique fan-driven global campaign that integrated online platforms, social media and face-to-face experiences to help save a major television program. Everyone loved this presentation as it provided an insightful behind-the-scenes look at an amazing community-led campaign

General Meeting and Interactive Roundtable Session
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Terrific meeting with a bunch of regulars and 1st timers. We had a great Interactive Roundtable session where we went around the table and each attendee introduced themself, described a project that they are currently working on, and posed questions about any topic (eg. social media, technology, monetization) to the group and got immediate answers. Meeting recap.

Making the Right Moves for Digital Growth
in Turbulent Times

Friday, June 19, 2009, Kimmel Center at NYU

Patrick Adams
SVP, Marketing
Victoria's Secret
Kip Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Johnson
Vice President, Content & Biz Dev
Hearst Digital
Michael Levin
Director, Product Development
NBC Universal
Lee Huang
Digital Strategy
NBC Universal


We had a standing-room only, sold-out event. The event was a huge success and there was a tremendous energy in the room.

Photos from the Sold Out Event


As decreased consumer and business spending has placed pressure on all business models, corporate America has retrenched by trimming investments, reducing its burn rate, and shuttering non-core operations. These moves extend across the enterprise, often affecting still-burgeoning digital initiatives. Despite today's harsh realities, companies need to properly position their digital teams for the next wave of growth for when the economy-rebounds. We can't let short-sightedness unnecessarily extend the impact of the recession for years to come. Two critical questions we all face are:

  • What should our short and long-term digital strategies be to effectively deal with the current economic crisis and rapidly changing marketplace ?

  • What strategic digital initiatives should we be investing in to better serve our customers, increase reach and grow revenue ?
Our panel of industry leaders will examine these questions and share how they are determining the right balance of prudence and preparation, attracting audiences in times of austerity, building new products without breaking the bank and strategically deploying resources. They'll discuss what they are actively investing in, including new innovative ways to engage customers and drive revenue via video, mobile, Facebook applications/Connect, Twitter, widgets, acquisitions and partnerships.

By hearing firsthand about the details underlying successful near-term and long-term digital initiatives, attendees will be able to transform the economic fear and uncertainty in their own organizations into a catalyst for digital growth.

ISF NY Chapter Holiday Dinner
December 2, 2008
We had a wonderful holiday dinner with many regulars as well as many new ISFers. It was great to kick back and share some war stories, some laughs and some great food. The Holiday Spirit was in full swing.

Mobile Strategies and Case Studies:
Marketing & User Engagement on The Next Frontier

November 5, 2008
A packed conference room of attendees and many who joined online via webcast gained many insights on how mobile is transforming businesses and organizations.
  • Yaron Oren, Head of Mobile Strategy & Operations at Hachette Filipacchi discussed how a leading publisher is leveraging the mobile platform to reach consumers and better serve advertisers. Each month nearly 60 million people come to Hachette's print and digital brands which include including ELLE, ELLE Decor, ELLEgirl, Car and Driver, Road & Track and Popular Photography.
  • Jeff Lee, President of Distributive Networks discussed how they worked with the Obama Campaign to engage and mobilize their supporters though a mobile strategy.

Selecting the Right Content Management System for Your Organization
June 3, 2008
The New York Chapter hosted a webcast with Tony Byrne, founder of CMSWatch. He provided detailed insights and practical knowledge on how leading CMS products such as Fatwire, Tridion, Vignette and Drupal really work and how vendors really perform from a client-side perspective. He gave a great landscape analysis of the different types of vendors, reviewed their key features and functionalities, and shared practical advice on how to make an informed purchase decision. The audio of the webcast is available for free to paid ISF members.

General Meeting and Roundtable Discussion
May 20, 2008
We had a great meeting this evening where new members and regulars got to together to meet each other and discuss a variety of hot topics ranging from "how to successfully measure online marketing campaigns" to "approaches to building an online community" to "best practices for bring a new product to market" to "addressing copyright issues that content providers face." Folks from Pepsi,Verizon, Reuters, Viacom, BMG ColumbiaHouse and Lehman Brothers were in attendance.

I Hate My CMS ? The Perils and Promise of Modern Content Management Systems

February 26, 2008
We had a full house for our panel discussion on Content Management Systems ! It was a no-holds barred session where we discussed the good, the bad and the ugly about CMS. Our great group of panelists (see below) covered the best practices for successfully planning and deploying a content management system, minefields to avoid, real life case studies, industry trends, and the vendor landscape.


Event Description: No matter what type of website your company publishes, it's likely that a content management system (CMS) is at the core of your operations. But while CMSes are among the most vital systems in digital businesses, they are also among the most cursed due to their limitations and idiosyncrasies.

In the early days of the web, many companies built their own systems, only later to standardize on one of the emerging commercial offerings. But now, with the popularity of open source, as well as the growing complexity of content operations, there is no clear path to CMS success. Some companies continue with the major vendors, while others take the custom development route. And there are a large number of viable open source platforms, particularly for smaller operations.

This panel attacks the CMS issue from all of those viewpoints, plus provides a perspective of a leading technology analyst. We explore both the technology and business issues surrounding CMS selection and operation, as well as inviting audience members to share their own "tales from the trenches."


  • Stephen Powers, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Tim Peters, Managing Director, Leading Hotels of the World/
  • Albert Lee, Director of Technology, New York Magazine
  • Tristan Louis, Former Technology Executive, HSBC
Moderated by Joe Galarneau, CTO of Thomas Publishing

Hosted by Lee Huang and Joe Galarneau.

2007 Holiday Dinner
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
A group of ISFers gathered for a wonderful holiday dinner at Osso Bucco, a terrific family-style Italian restaurant. We talked a little shop but really just enjoyed good company, good food and good fun.

We took this picture late but still got several smiling faces.

"Who Should Call the Shots Online? Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology Leaders"
October 29, 2007

The Internet Strategy Forum collaborated with SIM, the Society for Information Management. to jointly host this very insightful and provocative panel discussion. Over 70 industry professionals attended the event and we had very frank and open conversations; conversations that most of us wouldn't (but should) have within our own companies.

With the rise of the internet and e-business, all firms, regardless of their primary products or services, are now in the high-technology game to some degree. CTOs and CIOs may view this shift as playing to IT's historical competencies, but others in the organization don't always share that opinion. In many companies, there's tension with business leaders, particularly Product Management and Marketing executives, over process, structure, speed, and priorities with regard to on-line activities. Some view IT as a bureaucratic impediment to be worked around in order to travel at "web speed," while some IT leaders feel that their business counterparts' apparent lack of discipline and technology savvy ends up resulting in costly strategic mistakes.

This lively panel discussion explored the point of view of both sides and offered potential solutions with regard to:

  • Requirements and the Front End of Product Development: Are traditional development methodologies sufficiently flexible to meet time-to-market requirements? The business pushes for more informal methods, while IT often demands structure. Is there a point of compromise?
  • Embracing New Digital Platforms: Online videos, user generated content, widgets, content aggregation, search and the list of hot digital platforms goes on and on. With customers expecting more and nimble competitors opening up shop everyday, do business and technology leaders share a common understanding of the business opportunities and its impact on technology infrastructure ?
  • Partnership versus Build versus Buy: This is where product selection meets business development. In addition to the historical build-or-buy decision, companies can partner with third-parties to develop products or provide web functions, resulting in revenue sharing or licensing deals. Who seeks out potential partners and structures the relationships?
  • Managing Innovation: Marketing’s traditional role is to scan the horizon for trends, understand customers’ needs, stay abreast of competitors, and serve as the conduit for future product ideas. But on the Internet, many of the most innovative start-ups have had strong technology pedigrees. IT is filled with professionals who live and breathe technology — what role can or should they play in defining product strategy and innovation?
Moderator: Lee Huang


  • Sandeep Varma, VP Marketing, Barnes&
  • Dan Leeds, VP Product Development,
  • Tom Smith, Director of Technology, Hearst Digital Media
  • Miles Kafka, Technology Director, Avenue A | Razorfish
Hosts: Joe Galarneau and Lee Huang

Roundtable: "Let's Talk About Vendors"
May 1, 2007
A group of ISFers got together to discuss vendors and service providers so that we could learn from each others experiences. We discussed many types of companies but Content Management System vendors , Search Engine Marketing Firms, and Search Technology Providers were the 3 hottest topics. In general, most people were dissatisifed with their organization's CMS solution, were still looking for a reliable SEM firm, and were satisfied with their search engine. It was a very candid meeting with a lot of practical information shared, recommendations given, and many useful takeaways.
Dinner Get Together
March 13, 2007
A group of NY-ISFers got together for a great time at Todai, a terrific Japanese restaurant with an amazing buffet. Internet strategists from the media, financial services, and retail industries attended and we discussed hot topics ranging from "emerging web technologies" to "which marketing techniques actually work" to "where does a web team fit into the corporate structure." Great time was had by all and we all gained a few pounds.

Second Life
February 13, 2007
Nic Fulton
Chief Scientist, Reuters

David Leip
Chief Innovation Officer,
Nic and David gave awesome presentations about Second Life to a packed house of attendees and many more online via our webcast. We learned about the big picture business and branding opportunities as well as "what's reality vs hype." Nic and David shared a wealth of practical tips on how to build your in-world presence as well as the various problems that will occur in this virtual world that all participants and brands need to be aware of.

Comment from our attendee from France:
"the meeting finish at 3 in the morning for me over here! but it was worth the lost sleep!"

Here are some links to recent stories about Second Life:
Reuters' 'Second Life' reporter talks shop
IBM to give birth to 'Second Life' business group

Holiday Dinner - December 6, 2006

We had a great holiday dinner at Osso Buco, a family-style Italian restaurant in the Village. It was nice to get out of my conference room and to share some holiday cheer with everyone.

Enjoy the high quality photo taken from Lee's cell phone with no flash.

Online Videos & User Generated Content - November 14, 2006

Our guest speaker, Steven Rosenbaum, CEO of Magnify Networks, gave a very insightful presentation to twenty five people about market trends and monetization opportunities for online videos/UGC as well as provided an insider's view on his company's innovative network of user-generated videos. The presentation was followed by our interactive roundtable session where attendees described their company's online video/UGC initiatives.

General Meeting & Interactive Roundtable - September 26, 2006

We had a packed conference room with eighteen Internet Stategists from a diverse group of leading organizations (see below for list). There was a great energy in the room as we discussed all the latest hot topics including:
  • Social networks, user generated content, coopetition with Google, SEM/SEO, blog monitoring, online videos/advertising, behavioral targeting, Second Life, and Ajax.

The conversations during our Interactive Roundtable session were terrific and everyone received advice and recommendations that they could immediately act upon. The conversations are continuing both online and offline since everyone got to meet each other and find areas of common interest.

We also heard some interesting anecdotes ... 1 client at a financial services firm had an account balance that was so large that the number didn't fit in the display field and thus the web app had to be updated (something to aspire to) as well as a CEO of a major corporation who got a black eye due to some unexpected blogging issues (something to avoid).

Steve Gehlen, the Founder of the Internet Strategy Forum gave an overview of the association's goals and our accomplishments. Lee Huang gave an update on the NY Chapter.

Participants from left to right (going around the table):
Ken/Businessweek, Tim/Wyndham Hotel Groups, Karen/Siemens, Nic/Reuters, Jochen/Siemens, Chantal/Standard&Poors, Kate/Pfizer, Ilana/Lion Brand Yarn, Dan/HSBC, Rajiv/, Harun/AOL, Paul/Scripps Network, Beth/Dow Jones.

Could not fit in the picture:
Robert/Rodale, Lee/VNU, Thomas/Source Media, Gary/Timex, Steve/OHSU.

Customer Engagement: New Techniques and Technologies - May 9, 2006


  • Harun Asad, Director, AOL Media Networks
  • Tim Peter, Director Internet Product Development, Cendant Hotel Group
    (includes Ramada, Wyndham, Days Inn)

Harun and Tim gave AMAZING presentations about "Customer Engagement." It was the perfect blend of new concepts, best practices, and real-world execution. Harun talked about "26 media choices", compared new and traditional ROI metrics, and highlighted AOL efforts including consumer insights, interactive content programs, targeting capabilities, and measurement approaches. Tim then talked about consumer travel behavior, how Cendant has developed a sophisticated framework for engagement, and how they are redesigning their sites to further meet customer needs.

After the presentations, Harun and Tim answered a myriad of diverse and interesting questions. The Q&A session was followed by our regular Interactive Round Table session where we talked about what was on people's minds. Conversations centered around social networks, behaviorial targeting, and wikis.

Check out their presentations. Cendant Presentation | AOL Presentation

Tim Peter - Cendant (left), Harun Asad - AOL (right)

Dinner on February 28, 2006
A bunch of ISF-NYers got together for a delicious dinner and great conversations about
e-commerce, audience measurement, podcasting and online videos.

From bottom left:
Chantal Haberman, Standard&Poors, Director Internet Marketing
Lee Huang, VNU eMedia, Director eBusiness
Jochen Sprecht, Siemens, Manager Web Strategy
From bottom right:
Raanan Bar-Cohen, Dow Jones, Director Product Strategy
Paul Hutton, Scripps Networks, Director Research
Harun Asad, AOL, Director AOL Media Networks
Tim Peter, Cendant, Director Internet Product Development

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