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Biographical Summary

Duane Schulz Duane Schulz - Vice President of Interactive Marketing

Duane Schulz is vice president of Xerox Interactive Marketing for Xerox Corporation, which is headquartered in Norwalk, Conn.

Schulz assumed this post in January 2005 and has global responsibility for customer-facing Web and e-commerce applications across Xerox. His operation delivers Xerox’s primary open market Web site at, private customer-facing portals, e-commerce applications, and internet marketing coordination across the company – all of this encompassing 167 local country sites.

Schulz joined Xerox in 2000 as vice president of new ventures in Xerox’s Office Printing Business, where he developed internal startup businesses and co-led the integration of Xerox’s $1 billion acquisition of Tektronix’s Color Printing and Imaging Division. Most recently, Schulz led the Xerox Corporate Business Intelligence organization, delivering the customer research, market forecasts and competitive intelligence used to shape Xerox’s future strategies.

Prior to joining Xerox, Schulz spent nearly 15 years between Hewlett-Packard Co. and Apple Computer in executive product management and marketing positions. He also spent five years managing venture-backed startup companies, including three years as CEO of Now Software, an early leader in groupware applications. During his time in the Bay Area and entrepreneurial roles, he developed a passion for and advocacy of leveraging networks to grow new businesses, large or small.

Schulz has been involved in K-12 education reform and public policy and has served on industry and public policy executive boards and advisory groups in Oregon. His business interests are innovation, growing new customer relationships and partnerships, living on the edge of the Web, and using technology to build the future.

Schulz and his wife reside in Portland, Ore., with daughters in Seattle, Wa. and Washington, D.C.