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Biographical Summary

Sheila Tolle Sheila Parker Tolle - Vice President Marketing
Intuit Small Business Group

Sheila Parker Tolle is vice president of marketing for Intuit’s Small Business Group, responsible for targeted marketing and data delivery. Previously at Inuit, she led the Small Business Group’s direct response and in-product marketing teams, the company’s Financial Supplies Group marketing, and the Small Business Group’s business operations team.

Sheila has 25 years of experience leading marketing and sales for global software and hardware companies. Prior to joining Intuit, she was director of product marketing at hard disk drive manufacturer Quantum Corp. Previously Sheila headed up product marketing at Spectra Physics Scanning Systems and held various sales and marketing positions at Raychem Corp.

She has been recognized and rewarded as part of four Fortune 1000 companies’ key contributor/high potential leadership programs by delivering results through innovative marketing strategies, programs and products. During her various career moves, she and her family spent a year in Ancona, Italy and in Geneva, Switzerland. Sheila holds a B.S. in engineering from UCLA and an M.B.A. from Harvard.

Sheila’s family includes her husband, Mickey, and son, Ian. Outside of work, she spends time as a board member for the UCLA Rowing Alumni Association, refereeing collegiate and high school rowing regattas, watching her son play baseball and tending to her tomato garden.