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Executive Summit

Thursday, July 19 - Main Program
for senior management, marketers, IT and Internet strategists
Friday, July 20 - Optional: Internet Strategist Career Symposium

Governor Hotel, Portland, OR

Thank you to all attendees, presenters and sponsors for making the 2007 Internet Strategy Forum Summit a success!
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Morning Keynote Speaker

Cammie Dunaway
Cammie Dunaway
Chief Marketing Officer

Topic: Building Brands in a Web 2.0 World
Cammie Dunaway joined Yahoo! in June 2003 as chief marketing officer, responsible for leading Yahoo!’s worldwide branding efforts and driving the company’s product marketing initiatives. A seasoned executive with over 20 years of marketing experience, Dunaway oversees all of Yahoo!’s consumer, enterprise and partnership marketing initiatives.

Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Erik Kokkonen
Erik Kokkonen
Vice President, Global Publishing Services
CNET Networks

Topic: Could The Web 2.0 Party Be Over Already? The Move Toward Enterprise 2.0.
With more than two years since the term was first coined publicly, more than a billion dollars in venture capital invested, and more lookalike than unique products and services launching nowadays, some have speculated whether or not Web 2.0 could be losing steam. Find out if the party could really be over, what it would mean for those just beginning to adopt Web 2.0 principles, and what may be around the corner.

Speakers - All are keynote-style solo presentations

Tim Kopp
Tim Kopp
Chief Marketing Officer

Topic: Web 2.0: Turning Customer Insight into a Strategic Advantage
The gold standard in advertising is having the ability to be able to know what customers want today and more importantly, what they are likely to want tomorrow. Through consumer-generated media, RSS feeds and podcasting, Web 2.0 has shifted marketing from push to pull. Today the internet gives marketers the ability to not only segment and target consumers but to leverage past off-line interactions with current on-line behaviors. The strategic advantage comes into play when marketers can measure campaign results and take immediate action to engage with customers based on their unique on-line visitor intent.

Mark Colombo
Mark J. Colombo
Vice President Electronic Channels and Strategic Marketing
FedEx Services

Topic: If Ben Franklin Saw the Internet
Benjamin Franklin suffered from an incurable curiosity which led him to create a multitude of inventions ranging from bifocals to the glass harmonica. Most famously, perhaps, he made the greatest discovery of the 19th century: electricity. But Franklin was also respected abroad for his ability to connect ideas and people. What would Ben Franklin have said about the most powerful invention of the 20th century, the Internet? From the Age of Enlightenment to the current Age of Connectivity, we've always been intrigued with the seemingly limitless potential to connect people around the world. FedEx believes that transparency, honesty and trust are key.

Mark shares how FedEx sees its online strategy as a logical extension of its corporate values, and how the company's early adoption of social networking tools like RSS, internal blogs and wikis, gadgets and other tools is helping it connect employees and customers.

Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble

Topic: It’s a Google World (and Facebook too!)
Robert Scoble is a technical evangelist, writer, and the author of one of technology’s most influential blogs, Scobleizer. In addition to his executive position at PodTech, he also produces ScobleShow, a video show where Robert visits the world’s best technologists, tours cool tech companies, and gets exclusive demos of the latest Web sites and gadgets.

Mike Moran
Mike Moran

Topic: Marketing 2.0: Do It Wrong, Quickly.
How does the Internet change the old marketing rules? Your customers can comment on your blogs, they can rate your products, and they can even create a hate site if they really don't like you. You need to be listening. Your customers also show you what they like and what they don't with every click of your Web site. You need to be watching. Learn the changes in Marketing 2.0—and how your business can adapt to them.

Special Guest

Rey Ramsey
Rey Ramsey
One Economy Corp.
former Chairman, Habitat for Humanity International

Topic: Digital Inclusion 2.0: New Dynamics, New Solutions
As social media becomes increasingly common, how can we ensure that low-income people utilize these tools for their own benefit? What are the latest trends and how can they be leveraged to effectively reach new markets? As creator of the “de facto standard” for reaching low-income communities, Ramsey will share his insights on the opportunities in an often overlooked, underserved market.

Panel Discussion

Mary Alice Colvin
Panel Topic:
Workforce 2.0: Avoiding Pitfalls, Leveraging Power

Discussion Led By: Mary Alice Colvin
Senior Marketing Consultant, Allyis


Gain insights from the frontline experiences of Web 2.0 leaders. Maximize the positive impact of the intersection of technology and cultural shifts. Demystify Web 2.0 tools and incorporate practical business and marketing approaches that leverage engineering, applications and worldwide social media.

Master of Ceremonies

Rob Smith
Rob Smith

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