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ISF Summit West

Thursday, July 23 - Main Program

Friday, July 24 - Internet Executive Career Symposium

Governor Hotel, Portland, OR

Cost starts at just $195 per person

See list of companies who have attended in the past

“The Titans of E” — Featured Keynote Presenters

See below for complete presenter and topic details.

Jeremiah Owyang
Sr. Analyst
Social Media
Katherine Durham
VP of Marketing
Johan Jervoe
VP of Creative & Digital Marketing
Sheila Tolle
VP of Marketing
Small Business
Duane Schulz
VP of Interactive Marketing
Jeremiah Owyang Katherine Durham Johan Jervoe Sheila Tolle Duane Schulz


Attendees at the 6th annual Internet Strategy Forum Summit will engage in an intimate setting with each other and with our executive keynote presenters from Forrester Research (Jeremiah Owyang!), Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, Xerox, Intel, WelchmanPierpoint, Portland Trail Blazers and more, who will share their insights and ideas about smart enterprise Internet strategy -- how to best leverage the Internet and integrate it into overall business strategy.

Confirmed Keynote Presenters for July 23rd* (additional presenters TBA)

Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah Owyang
Senior Analyst, Social Computing
Forrester Research

Jeremiah Owyang is a leading research analyst in the social computing industry and is the author of the influential Web Strategist blog. He ranks #2 on the Twitter Power 150 list. > Read Full Bio

TOPIC: The Future of the Social Web (based on new Forrester report)
Although social networks have caught the attention of brands and consumers, today’s social landscape is a primitive series of unconnected islands. Expect new technologies to emerge that connect all systems and communities together –that allow communities to spread and share from one another. This simple technology changes the web landscape as consumers rely on their peers to make decisions, any web experience can now be personalized, and social networks become as powerful as CRM systems. Marketers must be ready for the drastic changes to come as power shifts to micro-celebrities, communities, and social networks –not traditional marketing. Jeremiah's presentation will cover these changes in detail. > Read blog post announcing the Forrester report

Katherine Durham
Katherine Durham
Vice President of Marketing,
Imaging & Printing Group, Americas

Katherine Durham is the IPG-A Vice President of Marketing. In this role she is responsible for building the HP brand and driving demand for imaging and printing products with Consumer, SMB, Enterprise and Public Sector segments across the U.S., Canada and Latin America. In addition she is responsible for Environmental Leadership -- compliance, sales support and marketing -- across the Americas.
> Read Full Bio

GENERAL TOPIC: Social as Part of the Overall Marketing Mix, with real-world data

Johan Jervoe
Johan Jervoe
VP of Creative & Digital Marketing Services
Former VP of Global Marketing at McDonalds

Johan Jervoe is a new member of Intel's Corporate Marketing Group and will lead creative services and the digital marketing team, which includes advertising, web/digital marketing, events and demos, marketing communications, corporate identity and global creative agencies. Prior to joining Intel recently, Johan was Corporate VP for global marketing at McDonald’s, culminating 13+ years with the company, and most recently based at their headquarters in the Chicago area. In this role, he lead the consumer marketing efforts for teens and young adults. He also oversaw marketing technology and innovation (digital), global entertainment and sports partnerships, including the McDonald’s sponsorship of the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. > Read Full Bio


Sheila Tolle
Sheila Tolle
Vice President of Marketing
Intuit Small Business Group

Sheila Parker Tolle is vice president of marketing for Intuit’s Small Business Group, responsible for targeted marketing and data delivery. Previously at Inuit, she led the Small Business Group’s direct response and in-product marketing teams and the Small Business Group’s business operations team. Sheila has 25 years of experience leading marketing and sales for global software and hardware companies.> Read Full Bio

TOPIC: Combining eCommerce and Community: It’s a New Normal…And, There’s No Going Back.
Word of Mouth is the oldest form of marketing. But in today’s online and highly connected world, talk spreads far, fast. And it’s permanent. At the same time, the days of the one-way corporate message are over. People are seeking and have come to expect higher-order experiences with the companies they do business with. Welcome to the New Normal. In this session, Sheila Tolle, vice president of marketing for Intuit’s Small Business Group, will discuss how Intuit is adapting to this new normal. She will share examples of how the company has evolved its approach to engaging with customers and has found success in combining ecommerce and community.

Duane Schulz
Duane Schulz
Vice President of Interactive Marketing

Duane Schulz has been the Vice President of Interactive Marketing for Xerox Corporation since 2005 and has global responsibility for customer-facing Web and e-commerce applications across Xerox. His operation delivers Xerox’s primary open market Web site at, private customer-facing portals, e-commerce applications, and internet marketing coordination across the company – all encompassing 167 local country sites. > Read Full Bio

TOPIC: Integrating Your Digital Marketing in the Age of Information Overload
Unlike more traditional marketing practices, digital marketing is popping up all across the firm, usually in an un-coordinated fashion. At the same time, your customers are being hammered by information overload, and are not necessarily appreciating all of your digital outreach. These trends pose many challenges, but a larger number of opportunities. Xerox registered the 7th domain on the planet, so they have been working these threads for a long while. Duane Schulz, Vice President of Xerox Interactive Marketing, will share approaches that are being taken at Xerox, and suggest how you can drive more business impact from your interactive marketing investments.

Lisa Welchman
Lisa Welchman
Founding Partner

Lisa Welchman has pioneered the field of Web Operations Management by distinguishing Web strategy, governance, execution and measurement as it pertains to large Web sites, and creating innovative, practical solutions for clients. She is a sought after speaker on Web management topics for her insightful analysis of the complex problems faced by large-scale Web sites. > Read Full Bio

TOPIC: A Gossamer Ceiling for Corporate Internet Executives?
Many of today’s Corporate Internet Executives seem to have reached a professional impasse. Mid-career, just as they are coming into power as seasoned managers and subject matter experts, they feel as if they’ve hit the “ceiling.” However, this limitation is not real. Join Lisa Welchman as she discusses the State of Web Leadership and explains why the “gossamer ceiling” Internet executives perceive will be swept away as their profession continues on its journey to the C-Suite. Understanding the vocational growth challenges facing Internet executives, the unique competencies they bring to the organization and the support they need from key is core for senior leadership as they guide their organizations into the 21st century. As well, those who provide products and services to this maturing professional segment need to understand how to “up their game” to address the more sophisticated businesses challenges Internet Executives face. Lisa will present a strategy for raising the visibility and relevance of the Internet Executive and detail the ways in which Internet executives can led the charge to maturing their vocation, both in their organization and in the larger business community.

Chris Dill
Chris Dill
Chief Information Officer
Portland Trail Blazers
Winner, CIO of the Year (Society of Information Management, Portland Chapter)

Chris Dill is the Chief Information Officer of the Portland Trail Blazers and was recognized this year as the CIO of the Year by the Society of Information Management Portland Chapter. Dill’s knowledge of the high technology industry has been instrumental in make the Trail Blazers one of the recognized leaders for implementing information technology in business processes, ticketing, and Internet commerce. > Read Full Bio

General Topic: Forging Better Collaboration Between IT & Marketing

Steve Gehlen
Steve Gehlen
Founder & Executive Director
Internet Strategy Forum

Steve Gehlen founded the Internet Strategy Forum in 2004 as a professional association for corporate Internet executives. He has been the top Internet executive at companies such as Nike, Digimarc, Hollywood Entertainment (dba Hollywood Video) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). > Read Full Bio

TOPIC: Highlights from the Corporate Internet Executive Research Study
The 2009 Corporate Internet Executive Research Study leverages over 250 responses to a 37-question deep dive survey to examine the salaries, budgets, scope, structure, backgrounds, challenges, influence and more of in-house Internet executives—employees who are responsible for driving strategy and/or implementation for their company's Internet presence. This information is unique in the marketplace. Steve, the author of the survey, will present highlights from the results, which may surprise you.

Master of Ceremonies

Rob Smith
Rob Smith, Editor
Portland Business Journal

As Editor for the past 5 1/2 years, Rob has led the Portland Business Journal to 34 state and 6 national journalism awards. He won 1st-place statewide editorial writing awards in 2006 and 2007. Rob's work has been honored 30 times by the Washington and Oregon Newspaper Publishers Associations and Society of Professional Journalists, including 7 first-place awards.

Additional speakers and panelists to be announced.

Registration Fees and High-level Schedule

Thursday, July 23rd, Check-in starts 8:00am, MAIN PROGRAM from 8:30am - 5:00pm PST
Governor Hotel - Portland, OR
NOTE: This event is open to all.
$195 - Early Bird Registration Fee (association members receive a discount)
$175 - Early Bird Remote Attendance via the Web

Friday, July 24th, 8:00am - 12:30pm PST OPTIONAL: Internet Strategist Symposium
$95 - Early Bird Registration Fee
$75 - Early Bird Remote Attendance via the Web

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* Speakers and topics subject to change.