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ISF Summit West

Thursday, July 17 - Main Program [download agenda]
Friday, July 18 - Option: Internet Strategist Symposium

Governor Hotel, Portland, OR

Cost starts at just $229 per person

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View Agenda Schedule for Main Program on July 17

In-Person Keynote Presenters on July 17th 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

Morning Keynote

Geoffrey Ramsey
Geoffrey Ramsey
Co-founder & CEO

TOPIC: Mapping the Digital Landscape: A Strategic Guide
With social networking, online video, widgets, viral campaigns, the latest search applications and a renewed interest in mobile advertising, marketers have a lot of digital options to choose from--and to confuse them. In this data-packed, but highly engaging presentation, eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey will talk about the size and growth growth of digital media overall and detail which trends and tactics are the most important in terms of shaping the future. Attendees will come away with a solid understanding of how digital fits into their overall media strategy, how to address the challenges ahead and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Afternoon Keynote

Nancy Bhagat
Nancy Bhagat
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group,
Director, Integrated Marketing


TOPIC: End to End Marketing Online: A Fundamental Shift
The erosion of traditional media has caused a marketing revolution and a fundamental shift to consumer centric marketing that relies on a more personal experience to build brand loyalty. With access to an unprecedented amount of information, consumers can now choose how, where and what information they want to consume making it more challenging than ever for corporations to rise above the noise. To succeed in today’s digital world where the online community is subdividing into specialized audiences and growing exponentially, companies must deliver personalized and unique experiences from the moment a customer begins their search online to the moment they make their purchase. Creating a deeper level of engagement by providing a relevant experience for each customer across multiple touch points will be priceless in establishing brand loyalty. In this keynote, we will explore how companies can leverage a comprehensive suite of online efforts as a cost-effective vehicle for marketing, enabling greater scale and reach by developing ongoing relationships with customers and motivating them to take action.

Special Guest

Charlene Li
Charlene Li
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Recently named one of AdvertisingAge's "Women to Watch 2008"

Author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

TOPIC: Creating A Social Strategy That Will Work
There's no doubt that social technologies like blogs, social networks, and YouTube are alluring -- but most companies today deploy them as one-off, point solutions, rather than as part of a coherent strategy. This presentation will provide you with a framework of how to think about social technologies, from understanding how your customer participate to how you can build a lasting relationship that results in concrete business metrics. The session will also provide practical advice on how to get started and ways to integrate your social strategy into your overall Internet effort.

Lunchtime Speaker

Daniel Stickel
Daniel Stickel
new CEO (formerly with Google)

TOPIC: The Building Blocks of the Next Generation of Online Customer Engagement
Stickel moved to Portland-based WebTrends in April from Google, where he was responsible for syndication products. He will talk about the critical ingredients for developing the next generation of customer engagement online. He also will explain how the driving forces of Google's success can help spur the growth of Internet companies outside of Silicon Valley.

Brand Power Line-up

Chris Shimojima
Chris Shimojima
Vice President, Global Digital Commerce
Nike, Inc.

TOPIC: Innovate How We Connect
Chris Shimojima, VP – Global Digital Commerce at Nike, Inc., will share how Nike leverages the digital space to create innovative experiences that invite their core consumers to participate.

David Placier
David Placier
Vice President, Consumer Insights & Marketing
Disney Online

TOPIC: The evolution of CRM: Enhancing Web Site Experiences David will detail how highly personalized Web site experiences are the natural extension of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and will go into what that looks like in practice.

Mike Moran
Our highest-rated presenter from 2007 returns!
Mike Moran

TOPIC: Internet Marketing by the Numbers
What's your Internet marketing program worth? How do you know how much to spend on search or social media or blogs or anything else? Learn to apply direct marketing principles to your Internet marketing to calculate your return on investment and to fine tune every aspect of your Internet marketing. Go beyond page views and visitor counts to get at the real bottom line in Internet marketing--a real customer feedback loop for every investment. It's amazing how smart you can look when you do what your customers want.

Shane O'Neill
Shane O'Neill
Chief Technology Officer

TOPIC: Email Marketing: Beyond Newsletters and Confirmation
Shane will discuss the various types of email that Fandango sends to its constituents and how IT, Marketing and Product Development work together to maximize this channel. He will also cover the tools and processes they use and why Fandango chose them.

Registration Fees

Thursday, July 17th, Check-in starts 7:45am, MAIN PROGRAM from 8:30am - 5:00pm PST
$229 - Association Member Registration
$249 - Non-member Registration
$269 - On-site registration the day of the event

Friday, July 18th, 8:00am - 12:30pm PST -- OPTIONAL: Internet Strategist Symposium
$50 - Association Member Registration
$60 - Non-member Registration
$70 - On-site registration the day of the event

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Phone registration:
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* Speakers and topics subject to change.